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1000 answers
a christmas duel
a get together to tear it apart
a little more for little you
abra cadaver
aka i-d-i-o-t
another man
automatic schmuck
b is for brutus
back in black
bag of money
bearded lady
because i wanna
bigger hole to fill
black jack
blitz cabeluda
blood red moon
born to cry
bottoms up
broken down
can t give you anything but love
caught a glimpse
civilization s dying
closed for the season
come on
come to rest
crawl across your killing floor
cristo faz a cabeça
dead quote olympics
diabolic scheme
die all right
do you remember
doo wop
early morning wake up call
every night
fall is just something that grown-ups invented
find another girl
gary payton
genepool convulsions
get low
giddy up
go right ahead
hail hail spit n drool
heaven is one step away
hell no
here we go again
hey daddy
hey little world
high school miserable
how bout you
how to make a monster
how will i cope with that
howlin pelle talks to the kids
i can t go there
i hate to say i told you so
i m a wicked one
i m so glad
i want more
if i had a cent
inspection wise 1999
it s not too late
it s nothin
it won t be long
johnny cash
king of asskissing
knock knock
last but not least
let me go
little lil
lost and found
love in plaster
mad man
main offender
maybe we should just sleep on it
me and tennessee
mia wallace
midnight shifter
missing link
more love
more than that
my little girl
my time is coming
nasty secretary
night train
no pun intended
oh lord when how
on tha block 1
open hands
patiently waiting
patrolling days
puppet on a string
que bailes conmigo hoy
que el corazón no hable por mi
return the favour
run rabbit run
see through head
sensitive nerve endings
snapbacks back
some people
some people know all
square one here i come
supply and demand
take back the toys
tellin me
that s why i m here
the end is where we begin
the hives - declare guerre nucleaire
the hives - introduce the metric system in time
the last country song
the one that got away
the scorpion sleeps
the silver cord is severed
the stomp
theme from
this is our time
throw it on me
tick tick boom
try it again
two-timing touch and broken bones
untutored youth
uptempo venomous poison
wait a minute
walk idiot walk
we found love
well all right
well well well
whats that spell go to hell
why we said goodbye
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winter song
without the money
without you
you dress up for armageddon
you go to my head
you got it all wrong
you think you re so darn special

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