Música Breathe de Oleta Adams

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       Oleta Adams


Woman of my own
And tranquil key
No I'm not just the L
Out of TLC
Songstress for the longest
Felt more adappa as a rappa
Stardom ain't what it seems
It's more mind over matter
Have fun
Comin' with beats and rhymes
But it's not so sweet in this light of lime
Sometimes when you make it
People get mad
Throw buckets grabs
Backs get stabbed
It was a hard struggle
Meaning shit
Now it's hard just tryin' to juggle this
Among shit
So people see the smile
All the while I have an inner child
That's cryin' denial
Cry in denial
Cryin' no smile
Cryin' with style
Of beguile
In piles in aisles of niles
Meanwhile seem so senile
Fakes monsters
I'm docile
I show gentile smiles
I take it a mile
People don't see the truth
In this booth
Under my tongue
Over my tooth
Ah ooh
Eight nine spoof
Of my inner youth

So just close your eyes (keep 'em closed)
And relax your mind (relax your mind)
As the sounds dig in your brain (as they dig in your brain)
Now don't it feel so strange (don't it feel so strange)


Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)
Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)
It seems right
Do the math
Sportin' laughs
Bubble baths
Awards and claps
The glistenin' only comes
If people listenin'
But to a lyricist
Chastising conniving
Gotta earn your bliss
Unchill your wrists
A million mints
Add bills to rent
So now you owe me shit
That's why I'm so in shit
This tapestry
Put your abstract non-skilled folks can't see
I hit ya and add tracks
Don't care if you're mad at
I speak the past
I speak rash spirits
Helped my lyric rehearsals
Of the here's
Become an adult from peers
Much fears such tears
Scorned from revelations dawn
Things I do like
Morning lawns
I'm morning pawns
That now yawnin' on
They're not spawning wands
They're not spawning wands
This here wand has a magic stick
Throat-wise called the larynx
Helps me spill it
My utter of a mind
I milk it
So that it hits your back
With spiritual parmalat
I farm the black
Spirit staff
Spirit staff
Spirit staff



Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)
Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)



Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)
Just breathe
And let it go (let it go)

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Saúde da Mulher

Cuidado da adolescência à menopausa.

Acompanhamento desde o pré-natal até o parto.

Grande experiência com + de 3mil partos realizados.

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