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38 special
515 am
a medianoche
a night in summer long ago
a place where we used to live
all that i have in the world
all that matters
all the roadrunning
angel of mercy
are we in trouble now
back to tupelo
badges posters stickers t-shirts
baloney again
be mine
behind with the rent
belle starr
beyond my wildest dreams
blues stay away from me
boom like that
border reiver
broken bones
calling elvis
congo square
cool drink of water blues
creole angel
daddy s gone to knoxville
darling pretty
denomination blues
devil baby
do américa
do right to me baby
don t crash the ambulance
don t you get it
done with bonaparte
donegan s gone
donkey town
down to the waterline
early bird
eastbound train
el macho
everybody pays
expresso love
fade to black
feel like going home
follow me home
golden heart
good as gold
gravy train
hand in hand
he s the man
heart full of holes
heart of oak
heavy fuel
hill farmers blues
home boy
how long
i dug up a diamond
i m the fool
i think i love you too much
if i had you
in the gallery
in the sky
industrial disease
iron hand
it never rains
je suis desole
junkie doll
kingdom come
lady writer
laughs and jokes and drinks and smokes
les boys
let it all go
let s see you
lights of taormina
local hero
long cool girl
long highway
love and happiness
love over gold
madame geneva s
mademoiselle will decide
mighty man
milk cow blues
millionaire blues
mississippi blues
money for nothing
my claim to fame
my heart has never changed
my parties
no can do
no wonder he s confused
nobody s got the gun
old pigweed
once upon a time in the west
once upon a timestorybook love
one way gal
our love
our shangri-la
planet of new orleans
please baby
poor boy blues
portobello belle
postcards from paraguay
prairie wedding
private investigations
pulling down the ride
punish the monkey
quality shoe
railroad worksong
red staggerwing
ride across the river
right now
river towns
rollin on
romeo and juliet
run me down
sailing to philadelphia
sands of nevada
say too much
secondary waltz
setting me up
silver eagle
silvertown blues
so far away
solid rock
song for sonny liston
southbound again
speedway at nazareth
stand up guy
storybook love
sucker row
sultans of swing
summer of love
telegraph road
that s where i belong
the bug
the fish and the bird
the fizzy and the still
the last laugh
the next time i m in town
the ragpicker s dream
the scaffolder s wife
the trawlerman s song
the way it always starts
there ll be some changes made
this is us
ticket to heaven
time in the sun
time will end all sorrow
tous les garaons et les filles
true love will never fade
tunnel of love
twisting by the pool
vic and ray
wag the dog
walk of life
water of love
we can get wild
weapon of prayer
what have i got to do
what it is
when it comes to you
where do you think you re going
who s your baby now
whoop de doo
why aye man
why worry
wild mountain thyme
wild west end
will you miss me
yakety axe
you and your friend
you don t know you are born
your latest trick
your own sweet way
your perfect song

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