Música Gona Gone Gone de Hoobastank

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gona gone gone

I've been having trouble looking in the mirror?
When I do I can't stand the person that I see
Although my face is still the same
Underneath something has changed
From all the shit you've said and done to me...
Did you ever realize the damage you were doing?
Wee you aware of all the mess that I've cleaned up?
But now I see just who you are
I can't believe it got this far
and it's time to say enough is enough...
I'll be gone, gone, gone...
We started off in heaven
We ended up in hell
So don't waste my time with one mre lie
It's too late too apologize
By the time this song is done,
I'll be gone, I'll be gone.
I should have listened when my friends said you were crazy
I should have shown a little spine and self respect,
but I couldn't see the signs
Your so called love had made me blind
Tied me up and left me for dead
Don't beg me to reconsider
Don't bother getting on your knees
'Cause there's absolutely nothing you can say
to change my mind
So save you breath...


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