Música The Vampyre At My Side de Cradle Of Filth

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       Cradle Of Filth

the vampyre at my side

Accompanied by bloodshed
Neath the Reaper's sallow craw
In league with fallen angels
Came a wolf unto my door

A portrait of perfection
Potent her siren song
I spread my dreams beneath her feet
And had them royally pissed upon

Burning with this itching sickness of a tortured soul

She exudes a lure more animal than human
Intoxicating chemistry
Baiting masturbators with a dominant handshake

This wicked bitch
Cruella to the bone
Each vivid stich
Just ties me to her throne
In exaltation
She builds on endless lies
Mircalla, Maleresian
Architect of my demise

Burning with this witching sickness of a tortured soul

I shudder at her touch so wonderful
Akin to a helpless pin
Snatched in maiden flight by a savage magnet

She's the boot heel kiss of annihilation

Gilded cunt worship
A war of hormones swarming south
As Insects hived in her succulent skull
Make a beeline for the honey mouth

My life once breathed like a ouija board
Just ghosts of 'yes', mostly ignored
So I wished for her and like tragedy she came
Dispensing hatred

Death amongst us all
The hypnotic guest that permeates the ball
Is a creature who has leeched me, beautiful
And beguiling in enticing whispers

And lest she breaks the fall
Be prepared for shattered miracles
The moon has never shone so red and terrible
As on that night my madness rose to kiss her

Strife then seethed like a terrible sea
Buried in a life lost prematurely
Classic Poe had no horrors on me
When her claws had dug deep enough


Once hurting, for certain
A curtain of dark ravens has risen
Asserting 'nevermore'!


Burning with the lifting sickness of a tortured soul

In the turn of her infernal final screw
Laughter masked Saturnalia
As the mallet in my linen wished her grin anew

That wicked bitch
Cruella to the bone
Each vivid stich
Just tied me to her throne
In exaltation
She built on endless lies
Mircalla, Maleresian
Architect of my despise

In exaltation
My sweet revenge presides
For I have lived through Sodom and tomorrow
And the vampyre at my side


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cradle of filth

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