Música Grown Up World de Nikka Costa

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       Nikka Costa

grown up world

Oh it's hard bein' little in a grown up world
I bet shirley temple hated every curl
They think our life is easy
Like a song that's ligth and breezy
It's enough to make you queezy
When you know it's tough
Bein' little in this mixed up world
Life is a riddle that just spins and twirls
And we're intimidated
When we've merely imitated
Sophisticated people that we love
If only they'd realize that we're people too
We're people who
Have problems too
But they never look at things from our point of view
So what can a little kid do
I wish they would let me live my life my way
Then they'd see that I just might turn out ok
But look I'm not complainin'
That's just kids' stuff
I'm only explainin'
That it's real tough
When you're caught in the middle
There is no aquittal
As long as you're little
In a grown up world

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Saúde da Mulher

Cuidado da adolescência à menopausa.

Acompanhamento desde o pré-natal até o parto.

Grande experiência com + de 3mil partos realizados.

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